Policy 18 Approved

Please see our newly revised Policy 18 - Welcoming, Safe, Caring, Inclusive and Respectful Learning Environments for Foothills School Division (FSD).  The Board approved the changes to this policy at their regular Board meeting of March 7, 2018.


In the fall of 2017 the Government of Alberta passed legislation which outlined specific requirements school jurisdictions were required to have contained in policy.  The vast majority of changes recommended, and adopted in FSD’s policy are in the policy because of specific legislative requirements, or changes in definitions of legislation or regulation.  Some minor word changes have been inserted to offer improved clarity of meaning.


We would like to thank each individual who took time to respond with comments and questions to the draft of this policy as it was circulated.  All feedback received was shared with the Board of Trustees and was considered in approving final changes.  Foothills School Division is committed to ensuring that all children have a safe, welcoming, caring, inclusive and respectful learning environment.


As per the requirements of the Government of Alberta this policy and accompanying Administrative Procedures will be posted in a prominent place on the FSD website.  You can visit our Safe and Caring Learning Environments page through the Student or Parent tabs on our homepage.